Ideas for Wellness at Home
Tis the season to get warm and cozy. While we’re thinking of the perfect elements for your next Cozyfy Box, we’ve been brainstorming about what else you can do to make this season one of delightful self-care, even while you're stuck at home! Read on for our Top 10! 
Create a Heartful Home – warm up your space with special touches like scented candles, fluffy throws, soft pillows, aromatherapy, or holiday décor. Have a fireplace? Light it! Even new bedding can give you a whole new outlook – imagine a fresh, luxurious duvet cover to sink into as twilight descends.
Enjoy Food You Love – it doesn’t have to be fancy. Think of a recipe your grandmother used to make, or one of the many you have pinned on Pinterest. Or order in! Sometimes it's just about looking forward to the simple things; like having your favorite food for dinner. 
Perfect Your Morning Routine – many of us complain that we don't have time for a morning routine in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Now that many of our commutes are gone, we have lots of extra time to experiment with what habits set us up for a successful day. Cup of matcha on the balcony? 5 step skincare routine? 10 minute guided meditation? You know yourself best! 
Be Crafty – maybe it’s that house project you've had pinned on Pinterest for months... (errr years.) Or perhaps that meditative coloring book you once bought is still sitting in the back of your closet. You would be surprised at how calming it can be to do something with your hands; especially in our modern, technology-focused society. 
Start a New Book – do you love the feeling of holding a real book? Is there something magical about putting down the tablet and turning the actual pages? Maybe you're more of an audiobook kind of gal. Whatever your preference, cozy up on the couch and do something nice for your mind and your soul!
Plan a Zoom Holiday Party – Holiday PJs theme anyone? Ugly sweaters are still ugly (and funny) via Zoom. For many of us, these days can be somewhat lonely and isolating. Just because we can't attend holiday parties in-person this year, doesn't mean we have to lose our holiday spirit! At the end of the day, memories are memories, virtual or not. 
Get Organized – it might sound cumbersome but if you declutter in manageable “bites,” you will feel a great sense of accomplishment. Has that junk drawer been calling you to come straighten it out? Just five to 10 minutes and you can cross it off your list. 
Sleep Tight – make your bed a cozy haven. New sheets anyone? Memory foam topper? Nestle into that new bedding and enjoy some long awaited zzzz’s. Good for your brain, good for your mood, good for your overall health – and sometimes the most neglected part of our days. If you need a little help, slip into a warm bath, spray a little lavender on your pillow, and shut off your devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime – nighty, night!
Feel Your Gratitude – before you sink into sleep, take a minute to think of three things you are grateful for that day. Say them out loud or write them down. When things are tough this can do wonders for your mindset.
Delight in Your Cozyfy Box – last but not least, savor every last item in your latest Cozyfy box. Enjoy every minute of that cozy self-care – you deserve it!
“I think the best way to describe the Cozyfy box’s like opening the mail to receive a giant hug from your best friend. It’s soft. It’s warm. And it always shows up just when you need it most.”
Cozyfy subscriber, Gene Hamrick

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